Ongoing projects at IRCS

Hand-washing Simulator

An ongoing IRCS project has been released to the public.

Handwashing Simulator teaches the basics of proper hand washing techniques for learners of all ages! Learn proper washing times and scrubbing methods while earning power-ups and competing with players around the world for the highest score!


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Mobile Applications

Games are an effective source of entertainment, with the best ones engaging players in skill building, strategy, and competition. With the prevalence of mobile devices, gaming has taken a turn for the convenient, as mobile users are able to challenge friends from any location and at any time of...Read More »

Virtual Learning Environments

Chamberlain College of Nursing offers post-licensure educational opportunities through use of a virtual learning environment, used in tandem with traditional clinical placements. The current environment, called Second Life, is a virtual, three-dimensional application that is fully interactive and mimics the real world through the use of avatars.

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Veterinary Applications

Simulation tools hold a unique place in veterinary training because they allow students to experience true-to-life animal encounters in an ethical and controlled way. The Anatomy Table and SimHorse are two high-tech tools at faculty disposal.

High Fidelity Simulator

Designed to train students in large animal anesthesia, SimDonkey offers students a consistent,...Read More »

Simulation Centers and Lab Tools

One problem plaguing medical and nursing educators is a lack of good clinical sites with the ability to provide a standardized, comprehensive clinical experience. That’s why DMI has turned to simulation centers and technologies to supplement preliminary in-person patient encounters.

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